Sunday, November 1, 2009

Haih! Terbiar Pulak

Blog ni terbiar..

Setelah menjumpai sesuatu yang lebih unik dari blogging..

Perhaps, saya bukan seorang yang suka bercerita.. hehe

Tapi dari dulu lagi orang panggil saya mulut murai..

Saya suka beritahu orang yang saya ni pemalu + malas nak bercakap, blablabla..

But in Sales & Marketing line for 10 years ;P

Monday, October 5, 2009

What had I done to myself?

Who I am today is the choice that I've made years ago.

Why it happened?

It is still back to the first answer, it's the choice I made years ago.

And if I being given a chance to turn back and replay, I would make a better choice ever since I left High School to achieve the success earlier.

Back to reality..

Nobody is perfect. I am an ordinary woman after all..

I am sincerely thank to God for the blessing!


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